Welcome! I am Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal. I have been a blogger since the year 2002. My initial interest in blogging helped me discover the career of ‘gastronomy writer’ and gave me a legitimate cover for my obsession with all things food. I began my food career in 2004, as one of India’s pioneering food bloggers, at a time when the genre was relatively unknown. At the time this blog was called A Perfect Bite® and was one of the most popular food blogs in India. It also grew into a business of the same name.  A Perfect Bite® Consulting, a corporate food consultancy company was formed in 2006. based in Mumbai with a mission to bridge the gap between quality products and the consumer through expert advice and guidance. In August 2012 I also launched APB Cook Studio, India's first state of the art kitchen studio. 

Besides running A Perfect Bite® Consulting, I continue to blog, write on food for various publications and teach cooking to anyone that wants to learn. I am a passionate proponent of Indian cuisine and also head Masala Trails, a brand under the A Perfect Bite® Consulting, that offers Indian food experiences of two kinds Tadka Workshops and Masala Trails; both focus on and celebrate Indian food in all its complexity. The Tadka workshops, are conducted at the APB Cook Studio and focus on cooking, while Masala Trails are curated outdoor excursions which lead you through the different culinary offerings of the city; on the road less eaten....

I am also EXTREMELY committed to teaching children the joy of cooking with the hope that they will inculcate good eating habits in the age of junk food and lifestyle disease and run kids cooking classes under the names LittleChefs (cooking classes that introduce children to cooking from around the world) and Spicecapades, (that teach children Indian cuisine using stories of spices in a fun learning way for little gastronomes).

In nearly a decade of writing, I've been published in countless reputable international publications and had the good fortune of collaborating with some of the biggest names in the food world. I am currently working on two book projects; set against the Mumbai backdrop, my first book, ‘A pinch of this, a handful of that’, is a memoir of my food journey that will release in December 2013. The second will be announced in due course. Drop into my kitchen and say hello sometime!

Image shot by Mrigank Sharma India Sutra